We all need escapism. Escape from our depressing monotonous lives to something more exciting. Escape from our ecstatic moments to reality before we get too carried away. We all need this escapism because it helps us cope with things. Makes life a little easier. It’s almost like a defense mechanism that your mind designs to help you survive. Escapism helps us realize that there is more to life than our petty issues that make us panic and want to desperately leave and go somewhere else. Anywhere. Truth be told, I do it quite often. It’s basically wanderlust but I’m not going anywhere. Paradox, you say? But surely wandering through one’s aspirations, hopes and daydreams counts too? It’s like walking through a library and flicking pages of some worn out, dog eared books. The same pages over and over again. Different pages with ink blotches. Some worn out and some torn into a million scraps. This is my version of wanderlust and yes, I quite like it. Wandering through all the places which exist and which don’t. It doesn’t really matter because I can visit them anywhere, anytime. It’s actually quite comforting to know that I can escape to somewhere when  life gets harsh. It’s like Neverland, except I do grow old there. My thoughts evolve, I grow out of people, gravitate towards certain places, change my preferences. Some of you may have a different idea about wanderlust. The blinding lust that makes you want to venture out towards the unknown, in a world of your own design or quite the opposite. The bottom line is, you’re wandering, seeing new places, attaining new experiences, and letting your mind run free. Even when you’re globetrotting (according to the real world standards, at least), you see a world so different to what you’re accustomed to. Suddenly the things you worried about seem so small and insignificant. The tests you worried about in college, the struggles of practical life, they won’t matter once you see Aurora Borealis. It’s quite interesting once you realize that even though we all have the same habitat, the same two eyes, hands, feet, brain and heart, we’re all so different in so many ways and that’s not problematic at all. This is what your wanderlust makes you realize. However, like typical lust, your wanderlust will leave you with regret too. Regret of leaving the exotic place where you made so many wonderful memories, regret of leaving the safety of your mind palace and back to reality where things don’t go your way. But you know what? That regret has a purpose. It gives you this sense of missing something that makes you treasure all the places you’ve been. It makes your wanderlust more meaningful so that it’s more than just lust.



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