The Sacrificial Lamb

Society has us all messed up. Something based solely on the vague ideas of propriety and “morals” of a few people has ended up dictating our way of life. It has turned into a monster and is in turn poisoning us. Serves us right for creating the monster in the first place. Karma at its finest. When you add patriarchy in the mix it all just becomes a wonderful mix of suffering, oppression, alter egos and forced smiles. Exquisite.

What really bothers me is that the with all the twists, turns and changes in society the position of women is the only thing that has remained constant. Women have bled out painfully every month for the sake of their reproductive system yet they’re still considered “cowards”. They’ve bravely bore the intense pain that follows during the birth of a child but still considered “weak”. They’ve allowed their body and existence to be enslaved by their child and husband but they’re still considered “selfish” if they do manage to take out some time for themselves. Yet no one cares. Yet there is no end to this oppression that women face even today. Oh no, because apparently society has its “norms” and “values” and abiding by them is a duty imposed on women alone because only men can make and break these rules without questioning.

For years women have been told to cover up so the opposite gender doesn’t look at them with their perverted beady eyes and take advantage of them. They’ve been told to cover up for their own “safety”. Interesting. Those who pledge and guarantee this “safety” to them are the ones who are endangering it in the first place. Ironic, no? They’ve been marginalized, have been locked in their homes, have been accused of “bad character”and crimes they didn’t even commit just because they had brought “shame” to the family because some random pervert was caught smiling at her or ended up pursuing her. Fantastic.

If questioned why can’t you tell men to lower their gaze first? The illogical answer follows, “You can’t force everyone to lower their gaze. Kis kis ki nazrein neechey karwayein ge?” The funny thing is, that’s exactly what’s been happening with women since day one. Kis kis ko chadaar pehnawayein gey? How can you force every woman to cover up? Why do you find it easy to limit the path of every woman and tell her to cover up? Well someone has to. Why not the sacrificial lamb who’s been doing it since the day she was born because she was taught to be obedient. Even if she isn’t, society finds it very convenient to use religion to her to conform to their pathetic standards of propriety. They just don’t know how to use religion to teach their son to become a decent human being because they find it hard to believe that God is not a misogynist.

If you can enforce “pardah”(the ideal of covering up) on your daughters then surely you can also enforce good moral values on your son? But no, the mere mention of his gender is like an excuse for people. “Oh so cheated on her? That’s okay he is a boy after all.” “So he got her pregnant out of wedlock? Oh well, we can’t really do anything because he’s a man.” As if having testosterone is the ultimate get out of jail free card. How convenient.

We won’t solve the root of the problem and and get our sons to behave, we’ll just pretend they are holy deities. Instead we’ll force our daughters into compliance in order to balance out the chaos our sons cause in society because she’s only a woman right? Born to be trodden on. Only a woman. If women couldn’t bear children to ensure the continuity of mankind, they would’ve been long eaten by men. But God was smart and He didn’t want women to become extinct like the Dodo bird so He blessed her with this unmatched ability. He also reiterated her importance through Islam (more on that later) but typical desi society doesn’t care about Islam. To them their cultural values are sacred enough.

So in conclusion, this is why women, even after sacrificing their heart, soul and body are looked upon with contempt and marginalized because men have proved themselves to be the animals they claim they are not. What a momentous moment in the evolutionary history of mankind.


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