Losing Lashes

Do you lose lashes often?

You find them on your hand as you rub your eyes after salty rivers run down your cheeks.Some lashes end up in your eye. Those keratin based bodies are designed to protect your eye but they end up causing discomfort to them. That is how it is with different aspects in life. Like friends and family. Yes, I consider different people around me as aspects. Bur that is nothing to be ashamed of. Some destined to vanish after a short time, some stay on for a longer period of time. Notice how I don’t mention forever.

I don’t believe in forever.

Forever is just an idea that we humans have come up with that is romanticized excessively, and we like to rely on it to comfort us during our best and worst times.

“These hard times won’t last forever.”

“I’ll stay with you forever .”

Little do we know, that this little comforting idea of “forever” basically goes on to hurt us in the future and we don’t even brace ourselves for its devastating impact. Instead we like to “hope for the best” and rely on our imagination and delusions. Pretty pathetic, I know.

We’re all fragments of DNA, energy, decisions and dreams in this temporary world that is designed to test our mettle. The people around you, like your friends are like lashes. You lose them quite frequently, there’s a sinking feeling in your stomach every time you do so but then you manage to get over it. You have to. Your body will make up for it even if your brain refuses to do so but then again, the brain’s healing machinery will take over too and it will have no choice but to heal itself. And you thought you had control over body.

People drift in and out of your life all the time. What makes them significant or insignificant is the way they exit from your life. Most of the time, it’s not always the big rows and quarrels that end your relationships with people. That is the easy way out, if you ask me. It’s harder to cope with your relationship which have frayed at the ends when you gradually fall apart. You don’t remember their birthdays. You talk less. Small talk substitutes your banter and intimate stories. You don’t confide in them anymore. It’s like the lash that doesn’t necessarily break off but it’s there. It pokes you in your eye but it never really goes away.That is how it is with some relationships that used to mean so much to you, initially.

You end up in this uncomfortable foggy realm with these people who seem like strangers but you don’t know what to do with them. Approach them and make it awkward? Ignore them and wait for the guilt to strike? Will you be too intrusive? Some relationships end with a proper climax scene. You fight, argue and finally decide that you can’t work out your differences and separate. That is actually quite convenient, but it hurts nonetheless, even if you don’t admit it.

Like some lashes that end up hurting your eye, there are also some relationships which end up hurting something much more significant, like your trust. This trust or lack thereof helps you see the best and worst in people. But at the end of the day, they’re all just lashes, supportive but eventually they’ll fall off. Some may grow back, some won’t and you’ll learn to get over it, eventually, but you’ll notice how much or little the shape of your eye is affected by their presence or absence. This is how we humans work. We are resilient enough to get over different relationships but not resilient enough. Because all those relationships will end up framing your lifestyle, thought process and personality. Quite similar to the way your lashes frame your eyes.



2 thoughts on “Losing Lashes

  1. Nishwah your every new topic is an eye opener. Very deep thought on relationships as life goes on how some relationships are formed and some slowly moves away.

    Liked by 1 person

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