Dirty Socks and Confrontations

We like to run away from things that threaten us. Our first animal instinct. These threatening things can either be tangible, like someone coming towards you with a saw or intangible, like when someone’s words tend to break your heart, for those of you mere mortals who still have one, that is.

Just like dirty socks, you prefer to throw away these situations in a dark corner of your room and not face them till the mound grows to such an extent that it topples over. But that’s the thing with confrontations, they never really go away unless you do something about them. Unless you physically pick up that sock and place it in the laundry bag. Or you could rely on some other  “pretty” analogy to help to understand, because I won’t sugar coat it for you.

Confrontations are best served raw.

The more you try to embellish or avoid them, you’re just complicating things for yourself. Bad news is easy to avoid but hard to face, because even though we all pretend to be realistic in life, deep down we’re all idealists (one or another), who occasionally compromise on their values because we’re too afraid. Bravery is one of those things that can be idealized endlessly but is difficult to implement in the real world.

But then again, the real world isn’t meant to be a suitable place for idealists.

Like the cracks in glass that eventually cause it to shatter, lack of confrontations shatters many things, such as trust, relationships, practical life matters, you name it. It’s always hard coming to terms with confrontational situations, but you have to if you don’t want a life of regrets and constant self torture. Just get it over with and deal with the consequences. Human beings are surprisingly resilient creatures.

It’s basically like when you jump off a diving board  and there’s this moment of pure apprehension when you don’t know what will happen next. So do it, confront matters and sweep them out from under the carpet. Wash your dirty socks, work things out in your laundry and life in general because you’ve had enough of this stabbing guilt, and you deserve clean socks too (let’s be real for once). Oh, and the feeling of exhilaration and relief after confrontations isn’t so bad either.


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